About J.D. Cutler

J.D. Cutler is a professional writer, dealing mostly in the areas of romance, westerns, suspense and historical fiction. And speaking of westerns, the western romance-adventure ‘Sagebrush and Lace’ held a spot on Amazon’s GLBT Best-Seller list for over five months!

Aside from writing, J.D. has worked on a pretty wide-ranging bunch of projects, from the analysis of the Columbia shuttle disaster to commercial voice-over work.

Stand-Alone Novels: Sagebrush and Lace

Short Story Collections: Deepest Fears, Predators and Prey, Three Acts of Courage, Crisis Points, Strange Powers – Stranger Places, and Blood, Sweat, and Fears.

J.D. doesn’t check the ‘box all that much. ┬áBut if you feel like chattin’, drop a line at: jdc@jdcutler.com.